6 Reasons that will make you fall in love with your YAPA alpaca sweaters

  1. Alpaca wool is a light, soft, warm and resistant fiber.
  2.  Perfect for all seasons: It holds more heat than any other fiber in cold climates, and is light and cool for hot days. Since the alpacas resist temperatures of -0 degrees during the nights and more than 25 degrees during the day under the intense Andean sun.
  3.  Alpaca wool absorbs moisture from the environment and sweat. So it will keep you dry and warm even if the garment is wet and best of all is that it does not absorb bad odors.
  4.  Alpaca wool is more durable than other fibers letting you enjoy your favorite alpaca garment for many years.
  5.  It is an ecological fiber, unlike synthetic garments, alpaca wool does not require many chemicals to be processed and is biodegradable and non-flammable.
  6.   Alpaca used by YAPA belongs to the fair trade market that offers higher prices to producers and better conditions for workers in the textile industry.